• 2007

    Digital Arts for Automation was established in 2007, with a team combining experience and youth.

    We believe that with a motivated team of engineers and with the solid experience in both power and automation electrical systems, the company can provide a professional services and support to the clients.


    Ideal Control System Honeywell BMS authorized panel builder

  • PepsiCo-International

    PepsiCo-International authorized solution provider, Exporting Power and Automation Solution for Iraq, Saudi and Yemen

  • 2010

    Bin Laden Group authorized solution provider,
    Kingdom Tower Project
    Prince Nura University Project

  • 2011

    Maraee authorized solution provider.
    Muzahimuyah Collage.
    Makkah Clock Tower.

  • 2012

    Industrial Automation and power solution provider.
    Muta Mazar Wate Water Treatment Plant
    Mirad Lifting Pump Station
    Odor and Capron filtration Systems
    Eaton Franchised Panel Builder

  • Future

    Based on our deep believe that our abilities to provide a high-level of engineering solutions will be our path to success, we worked hard to be always able to achieve the highest client requirements. Realizing that a successful engineering business never depends on the number of staff, rather depending on the abilities and experiences of that staff.
    We succeeded and through only four years to make a solid base of high level projects, while keeping our level of professionally and commitments with all our clients.

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